"My mission at CHICKFIT is to help women love themselves when they look in the mirror and have the ability to love themselves transfer into loving and giving support to one another. Self improvement equals empowerment."

Beauty Is Ageless, Enthusiasm Is Contagious! Learn to live life in the moment. You have the power to change and live the life you've always dreamed of. First you must be open to change, next you must believe you can change, and most important of all you must take action.

I personally invite you to embark on a new journey of fitness, wellness and healthy thinking with like-minded people who will be there to support you every step of the way.  The BIGGEST step you'll ever make is the first one you take. 

 Sometimes, I am saddened by the lack of self-esteem that I've seen among the most amazing women. Instead of supporting one another and building each other up, they compete against each other and tear each other down. I believe women deserve to feel great about themselves, have 100 percent support and realize that they are completely worth investing in. In the CHICKFIT sisterhood we empower and support one another. 

 Beauty Is Ageless, Enthusiasm Is Contagious! Learn to live life in the moment.

This is the philosophy behind the CHICKFIT lifestyle that will literally change your life.  I ask you when is the last time you had some much needed Girl Time?

 Take the Plunge and invest in yourself! You will never regret it.

2014- NEW YEAR! NEW YOU!  Dreams can be realized. You must first know what you want, and then have the courage to go after it.  It doesn't matter what your dreams are. Big or small, you will never accomplish the goals you don’t set.

 When we are young we can’t wait to get older so people will take us more seriously; When we are a little older we wish we were young again because we wouldn't waste our youth. My solution to this age old problem is to embrace your age whatever it is; 15 or 50, by choosing to take better care of yourself.  Linda Lu Fitness hopes to instill a spirit of challenge of overcoming obstacles and pushing past personal barriers to bring you to your very best self. With hard work, determination, perseverance, and especially spirit, one can overcome and work through anything to get to where they want to be.

LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE, LIFE, BEAUTIFULLY! You will be encouraged to rise to new challenges at your own pace. I know the title BOOT CAMP can sound intimidating at first. Please let me assure you no one will stand over you with a whistle yelling at you if you don't complete an exercise.

CHICKFIT Bikini Boot Camp is a user-friendly, non-competitive, non-intimidating, environment.

(We use Interval and HIT training methods and a multitude of exercises that work your muscles simultaneously to provide you the best fat-blasting workout on the planet.) The reason we do this type of workout is simply this, your body can't adjust to HIT training and it burns the most amount of calories and fat while preserving lean muscle. This is the most efficient and metabolic use of your time. Get more done in less time in other words.

CHICKFIT Bikini Boot Camp.  CHICKFIT Bikini Boot Camp days will start with a brief warm-up of sun-salutations and calisthenics then you will be lead through a multitude of CHICKFIT Bikini Boot Camp drills, guaranteed to make you sweat. Also included will be Kettle bells, Plate pushes, The Prowler, sleds. battle ropes, weighted med balls, Sprints and last but not least TRX Suspension Training and TRX Rip Cords will be used to whip you into Bikini Body Shape in no time.


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